Welcome to the online home of The Potter’s Clay Cafe, a multi-faceted cottage foods purveyor of wholesome and delicious food in Eastern Tennessee (U.S.A.), created specifically for those with dietary needs (or preferences) such as:

  • Gluten intolerance/sensitivity
  • Dairy intolerance 
  • No white sugar/chemical sweeteners
  • Vegan
  • All natural

From The Potter’s Pantry we provide the same items as those we sell, to people who may not have access to healthy food options (either due to food poverty or affordability). See more about our “Blessed? Be a blessing!” program here. Additionally, a percentage of all sales will benefit specific local ministries we partner with.

Mission and Vision

Our mission for The Potter’s Clay Cafe is simple: Help people eat well, to live well.

The vision for The Potter’s Clay Cafe and the outreach (The Potter’s Pantry) comes from the the Word of God; in James 1:27: “What God the Father considers to be pure and genuine religion is this: to take care of orphans and widows in their suffering…”

It has been placed heavily on our hearts to care for those who need some extra tender loving care. What better way than through nourishment to their bodies and souls!

(The Potter’s Clay Cafe name was inspired by Isaiah 64:8).



Phase I of this ministry has been underway for several years: ministering to whomever the Lord brings our way. Whether it is a next door neighbor going through a divorce, residents of Gatlinburg, Tennessee (after the wild fires of late 2016) or a stranger in Eastern Kentucky in whose heart God wanted a seed planted, our motto is: Here I am Lord, send me! Phase II is our future goal: serving the needs of those in the Central Appalachian Region of the United States (more info by clicking on “more…” below).

We are honored and blessed to be entrusted with so many hearts, because each person becomes special to us, just as they are to God the Father! 


Contact Us

Please fill out this form in order to contact The Potter’s Clay Cafe. This prevents our email from being compromised. We will prayerfully consider every inquiry and respond as soon as we’re able. Thank you!